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How To Use Call To Actions To Increase Social Media Engagement and Conversions

Are you using call to actions to increase your social media engagement and conversions? You should!

Everybody is talking about engagement lately thanks to the recent Instagram algorithm changes – if you haven’t snatched up my FREE Instagram Survival Guide for Fashion and Beauty Related Boutiques and Small Business, you totally should! <- Hey, did ya notice I used a call to action? Let’s talk about them!

melissahebbe-blog-instagramsurvivalguideA call to action (or CTA) is part of your caption or post that tells viewers what the next action they should take is. Call to actions are important for two reasons: one, they encourage engagement on your social media platforms and two, it gets people from your social media platform to your website to make a sale, read a post that could also make a sale or to sign up for your e-mail list.

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CTAs + Engagement

Engagement is a great way to keep your customers or clients involved with your business. It’s a two way street. You should be as involved with your customers as your customers are with your brand. I’ve been working lately to increase the engagement on my social media platforms and cannot wait to share more with you on that in the future. It’s important to not only plan out in advance for scheduled social media, but to set aside time to be presently on the social media platforms you choose as well.

In addition to posting relatable and valuable content on your social media, a call to action can really make a post push a little further. With CTAs, You can literally tell your audience what they should do next after reading your post on social media such as liking a post or commenting on it to answer a question.

Call To Actions To Increase Engagement
1. Like
2. Double Tap
3. Give a thumbs up
4. Give hearts
5. Comment
6. Share
7. Retweet
8. Use the hashtag…
9. Repost

CTAs + Conversions

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool. Your business can use social media to achieve many goals including engagement, which we talked about earlier. Another major goal for social media is to use it to get viewers and potential clients over from social media to your website. You want people to go to your site, purchase your product, hire you, read your blog post or join your e-mail list, right? You can take the social media viewers over to that final destination through call to actions.

But first you have to make an enticing offer for your customers. Why? Because you need to give people a reason to click over. They don’t to sign up for another newsletter. They want to sign up for a discount on their next purchase.

Offers Boutiques and Small Businesses Can Make To Get Traffic Over To Your Website
1. New Arrival
2. Exclusive Product
3. Exclusive Sales
4. Big Blowouts
5. Holiday Sales
6. New Lookbook
7. Free Shipping
8. Discount Code for First Purchase9. Discount Code for Next Purchase
10. Free Gift with Purchase
11. Exclusive Pre-Order Option
12. Giveaway

Find an awesome offer that will make people excited to purchase from your or join your e-mail list. Once you get nail down the offer, you can pair it up witha great call to action.

You probably see a lot of “click here” or “download now,” but that doesn’t always cut it. If everybody is saying the same CTAs over and over again, it is not going to be as effective. So be different! What exactly do you want your audience to do? In order to have your audience proceed from your social media to the next place, you need to have an offer that is really enticing.

Call To Increase Conversions
1. Grab
2. Snatch
3. Snag
4. Steal (not literally, you guys! Stealing is not ok!)
5. Score
6. Enroll
7. Enter
8. Flip through
9. Head over
10. Get (your very own, special access)
11. Purchase
12. Steal the show

Is there a call to action you love to use that I missed? Will you be more strategic with your call to actions now? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below or head over to my Facebook page and let me know what you are doing to increase engagement and conversions.

P.S. I’m thinking of hosting a free webinar, Periscope or Facebook Live series going over your social media struggles. Got one? Let me know what it is and then stay tuned — I’ll announce when I’ll be going over your social media woes and maybe we’ll do some live reviews!

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